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Slay your inner imposter &
Gain Kick Ass Confidence

There’s a nagging voice inside your head…
Telling you that you don’t belong &
You’re a fake, a phony, a fraud.

It might be because...

  • You’ve taken a promotion or a new job and you’re waiting for everyone to find out how unqualified you are for the position.
  • You’re waiting for your friends to find out what a fake you are. You think that if they knew the “real” you, they wouldn’t want to continue the relationship.
  • You’re too nervous to go out and meet new people. The last time you tried, your brain kept playing the blooper reel from when you said “SWERIFFIC” instead of “sweet” or “terrific”, and you don’t want to make that mistake again.

But how the F do you “get” more confidence?

You keep telling yourself...

If only I had more self-confidence than I could own this promotion, open up to my friends, or meet new people. 

But look, I get it!

There’s no self-confidence switch you can flip on. 

BUT – There are tools you can develop to banish your imposter syndrome and build up some major self esteem. 

So, let me tell you my secret:

When you have complete self-confidence without the need for external validation, your entire life changes. 

You take charge in your new position. 

You enjoy your friendships more. 

You meet new people and expand your network with ease. 

Imagine what life would be like if you believed 100% in your awesomeness?!

If you knew in your bones how amazing you truly are. 

Imagine what it would be like to feel confident in every situation. 

Yes, every single situation you currently find yourself unconfident in right now.

Self-confidence is a skill. It isn’t a biological trait. Like all skills, self-confidence can be improved if you know what muscles to work or drills to run.  

Allow me to be your personal trainer.

As a Result of this Package, You Will:

  • Understand why you experience self-doubt (aka Imposter Syndrome) so you can stop it in its tracks
  • Learn the three elements necessary for self-confidence so you can target the areas where you need the most improvement
  • Create a “Better Imposter” (aka your Alter Ego) using tools that have helped major celebrities like Beyoncé and Lady Gaga 
  • Use that persona to create kick-ass confidence so you can actually live the life you always imagined

Want to Know What's Included in this Program?

We will work together in 3 stages to Slay Your Inner Imposter, FOREVER.


The Pre-Work to Uncover Your Imposter

Understanding when and where your imposter shows up helps us learn what the imposter thinks your weaknesses are. In this stage you’ll answer a series of questions to uncover what your inner imposter has been telling you specifically and where your confidence rates in all areas of your life. 

Best of all: You can use this worksheet over and over as you gain confidence to explore your next areas to target.


A Coaching Session to Create Your Alter Ego

In this 90 minute video coaching session I’ll help you understand your imposter, why they are there, and we’ll create a confident alter ego using the same brain processes your imposter is using now. 

You’ll practice using this new alter ego for a week and assess the growth in your confidence.


Let Me Help You Become the Confident YOU

One week later, we’ll meet again for a 30-minute video call where we’ll review your success and I’ll coach you through the challenges you uncovered in the first week of becoming the new confident you

 Are you ready for this transformation?

What Others Are Saying:

Before working with Alison I experienced self-doubt which led to procrastination and felt frustrated that I wasn’t getting through the work I wanted to or spending too much time on things. I was letting myself down. After working with her, I have established a daily routine that maintains my confidence plus tools that support me and knowledge of what is going on. I feel more energized and confident daily, which helps me overcome any doubts I have more quickly. Alison knows what you need to face your confidence demons. She has great empathy and understanding, yet gets you moving fast – faster than you think is possible. She gives you a structure and framework to work with, that you can return to time after time. It’s such a great investment in yourself – and you really deserve it.
Lynne S
My experience with Alison as my life coach has been invaluable. I've worked with her for the past 6 months and she has helped me tremendously in my career goals. Through her coaching she really gets to the root cause of the challenges you are facing and also supports you in figuring out how to overcome them. She is patient and kind and has a process in place to help you solve any problem that you are confronted with. Not only that but she also teaches you how to do this on your own, which is an incredible gift. I would highly recommend her as a life coach!
Kristin L
Before working with Alison I felt that I lacked confidence when it came to dating. After working with her I have the clarity to channel someone I admire to help change my mindset. If you feel there is any area of your life that could use a boost of confidence, Alison will help you find that and really dig into the why. Once you understand why, you can strategize on better ways of changing your mindset by channeling your inner role model.

Here's How To Get Started:

Click the Button Below to Schedule your Slay The Inner Imposter Session Now (Stage 2 from above). 

Select the date and time of your Stage 2 Coaching Session and submit your payment of $247

Once processed, you’ll receive the Stage 1: Uncover Your Imposter Worksheet

Then, we schedule the Stage 3 Follow Up Coaching Session on the call.

Make sure to complete the worksheet so you’re prepared for our coaching session!

Are you ready to slay your inner imposter for good? 
Are you excited about finally gaining that self-confidence you’ve always wanted?