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Hi – I’m Alison Jamison

I coach women whose self-doubt stops them from pursuing their passions. They want to feel certain, confident, calm, and clear, but instead they are trapped — worrying what others will think and concerned that they don’t have what it takes.

It’s my job to help them leave that baggage by the wayside
and tap into complete confidence so they can build the connections they crave
and make their weirdest dreams come true.

In my universe, Misfitery is a form of not belonging — not fitting in with normal people — and desiring unique dreams and goals.


My journey as a misfit began in high school, which was influenced by the movies of the late ’90’s and early ’00’s where everything seemed to be set in a high school, and nothing reflected my experiences.

I was not normal enough for the cool kids and not weird enough for the alt group. You could typically find me stranded in the middle of the cafeteria, and isn’t that the ultimate metaphor for being stuck in the middle of not being enough? Feeling not enough sucked, and I carried it along with me to college and beyond.

You could call me a joiner. I was always seeking connection, and never really finding it. I always felt like people were going to find out the “real” me — the not enough one — and leave. So I kept people at a distance and ended up preventing the connection I really wanted.

The worst part is that I wouldn’t let myself fully embrace all parts of myself because even though I felt not enough, I was afraid of being too much.

Talk about a mind fuck.

Fast forward a few years and the discovery of the combination of thought work and my first encounter with a life coach. She taught me how my mind works (which as a nerdy type, this spoke straight to my neurons!) and how thoughts create feelings. She helped me understand why I had been telling myself this heartbreaking story of zero connections, and how to turn it around.

Lucky for you — I took notes!

And in addition to those notes, I’ve applied my science background to research self-confidence and apply it in a way that sticks. I’ve created an entire business (and future empire) to solve this dilemma for other folx. I know that once you gain self-confidence, you’re unstoppable. You stop worrying about what others think. You’re motivated to do the things your heart desires.

The life you’ve always wanted goes from impossible to inevitable.

I cultivated my own confidence, started this business, came out to my husband as pansexual, built a bonus family with my BFF’s, and started a commune where we are raising our kids under one wild roof. It feels as if I’m living the dream most of my days (And of the rest…hey, I’m still human!)

Now, I embrace my Misfitery instead of judging it. 

Misfits are the people who will change the world. I love that it’s my job to guide them through it. I take other misfits on a journey that will help them:

- 1 -

Understand their own self-judgement and doubt and flip it into self-confidence

- 2 -

Create the connections they crave and cultivate community (online and IRL)

- 3 -

Get out of their own fucking way and make progress on making their weird dreams come true

If you’re ready to start claiming your confidence to its fullest, eliminating self-doubt, and making massive progress toward creating the life of your dreams, I’d love to help you.

Click here to learn more about how I work with clients, 

or schedule a free coffee date consultation here!